There's a new business in Boise that's barely been open a month and already booming with customers. Boise Bricks and Minifigs on Fairview Avenue near Hampton road is a place for children to buy and play with Legos and miniature figurines.

Boise Bricks and Minifigs is truly a family operation. Owners, Brook and Reed Brimhall, purchased the franchise with the idea of allowing their children to run the business, generate an income, and become more independent. Their son, Devin, is 25 years old and has Asperger's syndrome. They believed this would be a great opportunity for him to be more social and communicative. In just a few weeks, it's already doing just that.

The store buys and sells new and used Lego products. There is also a private activity room that can be rented for birthday parties, special needs groups, home school groups, and daycare classes. The room is open from 10:30am to noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays for free play.

My son loves Legos and has already asked that he have his birthday party here in June. I can't wait to make a trip over there this weekend to check it out!