We've been watching every annual event go from postponing to cancellation. The Boise Music Festival got canceled but we had hope. The problem is the obvious, COVID-19. Is there any shock?

Today we received word that the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic is following the lead of so many other major businesses. The annual balloon launch from Ann Morrison Park won't be happening this year.

I'm so bummed. It's more disappointed for my two little kids because it's tradition. I really wanted to introduce my daughter to the balloons. I also understand the decision by our company who put the community before our financial needs.

Our balloon partner, Lighter Than Air, and I are concerned about the recent increase in new COVID cases in Idaho and don't see a way to have the event and keep people safe. For that reason, the Spirit of Boise Balloon is canceled this year.

That was from our Town Square Media General Manager, Rick Carmean to the staff this afternoon. This comes after a meeting with the city that doesn't want to permit events through September in the City of Boise. Oh well.

The balloon classic was the first event that my son and I did together. Lennox is a huge Star Wars fan and I had a major surprise for him prior to the launch one morning. Watching my son run up to Darth Vadar with a fist punch at like 3 years old was priceless. That kid had no fear and I was so proud. The funny thing is my daughter is equally excited whenever she hears the Star Wars theme.

Photo by: Kekeluv

This doesn't mean you won't see hot air balloons over the city this Summer. Lighter Than Air America is always flying, but just not our annual event. We will see you next year when hopefully COVID-19 is out of our lives and things get back to normal.

Photo by: Kekeluv



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