It wasn't just one show or one cupcake that prompted these but I have been on a Netflix baking show kick and got the bug to bake something last night. So I decided what cupcake could I make on a budget and that is colorful?

I am living with my friend so all my baking stuff is scattered, so I wanted something that would be easy. Well, these are cause it's all in the food coloring and what you do with that.

The store happened to have neon food coloring that was the same price as the regular so I went with that. Simple white cake batter, some frosting and sprinkles and you are set. Make sure you have oil and eggs.

Then you make the batter, separate it into 4 bowls and start to layer your cupcake tin. Add one color, let it settle then add another and on until all 4 are set up. I am still trying to figure out how to get them to stay separated exactly like a rainbow but I think if you put it in the freezer after each color that may help?


After all your colors are layered then bake them the instructed time and boom you have rainbow neon cupcakes.


Now I add buttercream frosting to mine, inside and outside on some and just outside on others. A melon baller works well for taking the center out. I added different color frosting and sprinkles to them at the end.

Easy enough right?! I have been watching the show 'Sugar Rush' and 'Nailed It', a lot lately along with many others.