Since I just was spoiled on Christmas & my favorite new gift is my iPad Mini, I haven't stopped reading on it.

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I have been on a serious hiatus from reading. I've read all the books in my house & every time I'm out I can't seem to find one I want to read. So when I opened my new iPad Mini Christmas morning, the first thing I did was download the Kindle app & purchase Mockingjay. Since its the last book in the series & the only one I haven't read. However now I'm almost done with it & have nothing to look forward to reading. I keep browsing through all the books on my Kindle app & I can't seem to find a series I want to read next. So I'm putting the plea out to you! Do you have a series you read that you need recommend? I have read all sorts of books so anything will be better than the nothing I have. And the more I get the more books I have to read!