People typically get over a breakup by listening to sad music, munching on junk food or watching their favorite sappy movies. Instead, one TikTok user likes to bounce back after a bad breakup by watching her ex and her friends' exes fight it out 'til the very end, Hunger Games style.

TikTok user @NevelKnievel has gone viral for sharing how she and her pals insert their exes into a virtual Hunger Games simulator.

"Is it normal that every single time I have a bad breakup my best friends and I collect all [of] our bad exes and put them in a Hunger Games simulator to fight each other to the death?" reads a text overlay on the viral video, which has been viewed 881,000 times to date.

"It's so cathartic and soothing," she captioned the clip.

Watch below:

People in the comments section were thrilled with her discovery.

"No, girl this is not normal at all! What you need to do is give me the details of how to join," one user wrote.

Another added, "I will be doing this with my friends IMMEDIATELY."

If you're looking for a longer simulation, some people suggested using The Sims PC game, which is apparently "a lot more violent."

The website for the Hunger Games simulator immediately enters you into the reaping portion. By clicking "edit cast" you can input your own characters' names and images. Once you're ready, click "proceed" and the games begin.

From there, you can see how each tribute fairs each day and night. Will your simulated ex make it out alive? (Do you care?)

And yes, fallen tributes get a send off similar to the films.

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