In the end, we all want to be remembered for the good in our lives. We hope to be missed and loved and given a proper resting place, but for nearly 80 people right here in Boise they have simply been abandoned. 

I'll be honest, I don't understand it. How do relatives turn their back on someone no matter how strained relationships may be to the point where they won't claim their body and give them a proper burial? Equally as sad, what happens to people that pass away and authorities can't find a single person connected to them to the point that they can give them a proper resting place?!

There is a crypt at the Cloverdale Cemetary dedicated to these people that either nobody wanted or whose relatives they have been unable to find. 24 more people will be added to this plot in the coming year.

According to the Ada County Coroner's Office spends countless hours trying to find the next of kin to these people but eventually, they have to give up.

Then there are the cases where the family completely abandons the body. Sometimes it is because of financial reasons, but there are services to help with this, so even that doesn't make a lot of sense.

Another problem is a long time friend usually does not have the right to claim the body and pay for services. Law says this has to be done by family members and so the problem increases and continues.

So next time you are at the Cloverdale Cemetary think about stopping by and pay respects to all these people, our neighbors, who have been forgotten.

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