These are the types of stories that more Idahoans are discussing. The types of crime seem to be intensifying and a woman lost her life in Nampa Friday.

Nampa Police Department made the announcement Friday after officers responded to a trespassing complaint in Nampa.

Nampa Routine Call Turns Deadly

The details are continuing to come through as another tragedy took place in the 3800 block of Teakwood Drive according to Nampa Police. The officers were responding to a trespassing complaint in which the officers approached the woman who also had arrest warrants out for her. The police officers asked her to exit the vehicle several times and the woman would not comply.


According to the Nampa Police Department's Facebook post, the officers tried to open the vehicle, the woman then drove off ramming an officer's car. There was an immediate chase that started with shots fired at the police officers pursuing her. Officers returned fire injuring the woman which was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

There was nobody else hurt in the fire exchange. I'm sure we'll get more information soon along with a police press conference. Who knows if we'll see a video or anything like that because it's too early. If this is what happened it just goes to show you how dangerous a regular situation can be. KTVB just reporting below.

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