This woman has no business being on any roads in any state. A Nissan driving California woman was reported driving erratically and far below the speed limit. When Idaho State Police tried to stop her, she wouldn't. The chase went on for a long time and over two Idaho counties.

Idaho State Police

Idaho News says, "Police say Chapman refused commands and they ended up using an irritant powder to help bring her into custody."  Meaning even after they pulled her over she was still refusing to cooperate, so they sprayed her with pepper spray.

Thank goodness no one was injured in all of this (except the pepper spray). The state police are still investigating, which most likely means they are testing her for drugs and alcohol.  The 34 year-old woman named Tamica L. Chapman from Merced California was booked in Canyon County Jail on Eluding an Officer (F), Aggravated Assault (F), Resisting and Obstructing officers (m)


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