Have you seen the video going around of the naked man who locks himself out of his hotel room?  He has to walk the hallway, take the elevator, and then walk the lobby all while wearing nothing but his strategically placed hands?  If you haven't seen the video, it's worth a watch.

This has to be fake, right?  Granted, it's incredibly funny, but the idea that you would take your room service dishes out to the hallway naked right off the bat is stupid.  I have NEVER stripped down to take my tray out or been compelled to do that immediately after stepping out of the shower.

In addition, the idea that after that long painful trip to the front desk, the first thing the clerk would do is ask for ID (as opposed to giving him a towel or bringing him behind the desk and out of the general view of the lobby) is just insane.

Having said that, very funny, but the fact that people are treating this like it's real...that's just laughable to me.