Each year, Mike Kasper, Willie Waffle and myself pick our favorites movies that were released within that year. This year was a lot easier for me than years past.

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Of the thousands of movies that were released in 2013, I was able to see 42 of them. Of that 42 I narrowed it down to my top 10 favorites. One of the biggest things I take into consideration when deciding if a movie will make my top 10 is how I felt walking out of the theater? Was I moved by this movie? Could I not wait to talk to someone else who saw the movie? Am I dying to tell a friend to go see it? I also try and see movies that Mike won't so that we don't end up with the same list. Give a little variety.

My 10 Ten Movies of 2013

10. Olympus Has Fallen-Saw this 2x in the theater
9. Fast and Furious 6 -This movie franchise is my guilty please. RIP Paul Walker
8. The Heat-Saw it by myself and laughed out loud
7. Prisoners- I was so uncomfortable yet I couldn't stop thinking about the ending after I left the theater
6. The Conjuring-Scary Movie Sunday was never the same!
5. Now You See Me Kept me guessing the entire movie
4. 42- I loved how Hollywood portrayed this historic moment
3. Side Effects-So many twists and turns
2. Gatsby- One of my favorite books. Saw the original and I think Baz Lurhmann did an amazing job in recreating this classic! Visually stimulating
1. Book Thief- Heartbreaking, moving, amazing

Willie Waffle's Top 10 List

10. 12 Years A Slave
9. Inside Llewyn Davis
8. Dallas Buyers Club
7. Philomena
6. Saving Mr. Banks
5. Her
4. Prisoners
3. Gravity
2. The Conjuring
1. American Hustle

Share below what your favorite movie of 2013 was.