Nine years ago today was a bittersweet day for my family. It was the day that my brother-in-law married his wife in a beautiful, intimate wedding in downtown Boise and also the day that my husband and I suffered a miscarriage.

15-20% percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage with 80% of those ending in the first trimester. It's more common than people realize, because it's not something people typically choose to talk about. After sharing our news, a few close friends confided in me that they too had suffered miscarriages.

The hardest part is not having answers. Not knowing why this happened. Those questions never go away, no matter how much time passes. In the hurt, I'm also reminded that had that experience not been a part of our story, we would not have the family we have now.

If you're looking for a local support group, St. Alphonsus has a group you can learn more about HERE. Learn more about pregnancy and infant loss awareness, HERE.



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