It's possible, that despite wearing a mask through the entire film and the limited capacity, that going to the movies is better now than it was pre-pandemic. I'll explain.

So this past weekend was the first weekend of movies since the beginning of the pandemic and honestly, it was refreshing. It really was nice to go back to the movies and enjoy a night out.

So yes, you have to wear a mask through the movie but it's a small price to pay to enjoy a couple hours out. The seats are socially distanced which is good, although it means there is a lower capacity.

What's great about it, and I kind of hope this continues to be a thing, is that because the movie companies aren't releasing summer blockbusters, they're playing classics in the theaters. And some movies were MEANT to be seen in theaters. We saw Inception, which I've seen before. But watching it at home doesn't hold a candle to seeing it in the movie theater.

I think it would be great if movie theaters dedicated one theater to playing classic movies. It would have to do better for them financially than some of the crappy new releases, right?

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