My BFF, Ysabel Bilbao, and I met 9 years ago. We couldn't be more opposite and we couldn't be closer. On Thursday she is embarking on a new adventure and moving to France. But first let's take a trip down memory lane, the good, the bad and the ugly! I am so happy for Ysabel! All her dreams are coming true! She and her Mr. Big really do have a Sex and the City story and it's finally time for her to join him in France. She is a guest on the show today with Mike and me. Usually it's filling in for one of us when we are on vacation, but for her last time on the show, we are all together.

Ysabel and I have been through it all together! We truly do have our own series of Sex and the City episodes! We are total opposites but she is my family so I love her even though she hates camping and dogs. Last night as I was getting ready for today's show, I was thinking about what I would say about our friendship without crying. Yes, I might cry today. I will probably cry. Just own it Kate, you'll cry. As I got choked up on the words, I realized I could tell you about my best friend, Ysabel, through just a few of our pictures over the last decade.

Ysabel, wherever you go in the world, you'll always be my family and my best friend. I can't wait to dance at your wedding!