Moving weekend is over and I am almost all set up in my new place.  Well, getting close to it, but I'm looking carefully at what stuff left at the old place makes the move over. 

I have the luxury of a period of time of overlap, so I'm taking advantage of that to look closely at anything and everything I'm taking from the old place to the new one.  Nothing makes the move if I haven't used it in the last few years.  That standard can be a challenge to uphold, but so far, it's been going well.

The new place is just four miles away from my old one, and the space itself is similar in size to my former home.  The shape of the rooms are different though, and in the case of the dining room, this has allowed me to bring back one of my favorite pieces of furniture.

Jeff Connell, Townsquare Media Boise
Jeff Connell, Townsquare Media Boise

My dining room table was something I've really loved for years.  My then wife and I purchased it from Ikea and used it in our home at the time.  It has sat in storage for years since though, and when we divorced four years ago, I kept it.  I hoped one day I would have the chance to use it again, and with the new home, it's back in play.

The rest of the house is coming together too, and so far, the only damage I've sustained was the loss of a computer monitor.  It appears it was smashed somehow, and the screen looks awful, but on the whole, it went well and things have come together quite nicely.

I'll have more pics up soon.  Now just waiting for my couch to arrive this week.



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