Christmas week is always a big week for movies. Will any of these beat Star Wars? Here are all the trailers and Willie Waffles reviews for these movies:

Concussion - Will Smith as the real life doc who discovered the concussion problem with football players.

Joy - Jennifer Lawrence in the story inspired by the lady who invented the magic mop.

The Big Short - Steve Carell, Brad Pitt and Christian Bale as the guys who saw the housing market and economic collapse of 2008, but no one listened.



Other movies out over the next few weeks that Willie didn't get a chance to review are: The Danish Girl - Eddie Redmayne in the story inspired by one of the first men to undergo gender transformation.

Point Break, yes the remake of that Point Break that originally had Keaunu Reeves  Patrick Swayze.

Daddy's Home-  Will Ferrel and Mark Walburg star


Here are your trailers.



Trailer for Concussion with Will Smith





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