Ninety percent of emails are answered within a day, and most within two minutes.

Anyone else suddenly feel like a slacker?  I check my email once an hour probably and respond as quickly as I can, but I'm not in that two-minute club.  What about you?  All three of my main accounts are on my phone which makes it easy to check no matter where I am, and I bet you're in the same boat.  I've answered many work emails in the grocery story checkout line and while I'm watching the kids play games at birthday parties.  I love how the mobile world makes that possible.

ABC News says in a new study about 90 percent of users replied to their emails within a day, and half responded in around 47 minutes. The most frequently occurring reply time was just two minutes.  Wow!  That's speedy.

Most email replies were very short: between 5 and 43 words. Just 30 percent of emails went on for 100 words or more.

Those under the age of 25 seems to be the best emailers.  The more emails they get the faster they respond, and the shorter the replies.  They just knock it out and get on with their day.

We love our email, but the one drawback is that it makes our handwriting messy.  Since we're always typing, we have no need to work at perfecting penmanship and the only time we break out a pen it seems is to sign a credit card receipt. And sometimes when we're done writing our names on that little slip of paper, it's tempting to hit Enter.


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