Earlier this week I wrote about the all too common bra struggle millions of women face: finding one that fits properly while providing support and style. I was happy to find out about the Boise Bra Lady and Essential Bodywear. But there's a struggle that hadn't even crossed my mind until Beautiful Pieces announced a unique project in partnership with Blazen Burgers in Nampa. There are many women in shelters who don't have access to new bras at all but are very much in need.

So they've launched a bra drive that will run the entirety of March. Monday through Friday from 11am to 9pm, Blazen Burgers will be collecting new bra donations in their lobby. Every single bra will be donated to women in the shelters of City Light, Valley Women and Children's, and Hope's Door. If for whatever reason you feel uncomfortable shopping for bras, monetary donations are also being accepted and will go toward the purchase of new bras. And while you're there you might as well grab yourself one of their signature burgers made with all natural ingredients.

Seriously though, love this idea. I can honestly say that I've never considered bras when making donations to women's shelters. In fact, it's only been in recent years that I've had the wisdom to donate tampons and pads, which are very much in need. Sometimes it can be easy to view houselessness and poverty as abstract concepts and we forget the individual going through the experience. It's important to take a look at what your own needs are, acknowledge what's universal, and take action. So add bras to the list when you're looking to help. And for the remainder of this month, take them over to Blazen Burgers.

Rose Garden at Julia Davis Park


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