From the very first time I traveled through the Boise Airport, I always thought it was a great idea to have options to donate your coins prior to going through TSA. The Boise Airport gives you three options through those donation kiosks and they have collected over $5,000 in the past year to give to local nonprofits.

The staff at KTVB first released the details and broke down the dollar numbers when it came to donations. Coming in first was Neighbors in Need taking home $2,268.90 in the past year. Friends of Zoo Boise collected $1,415.96 in second place and last was Friends of the Boise Public Library grabbing $1,457.72.

Not a bad haul for any of the three organizations who all issued statements of gratitude about the money that had been collected. It just goes to show you that there are still great people out there willing to donate to help our community be the best that it can be.

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