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Before we dive into Montana laws that are one sandwich short of a picnic, let's express what Idaho adores about our neighbor southwest of us!

One of America's Great Plains and Rocky Mountain states, Montana's sparse populous is known far and wide. According to theFactFile, 46 out of Montana's 56 counties average just six residents per square mile. This makes the 'Treasure State' one of the most rural states in the nation.

Photo Credit: Canva Images // Ryan Valenzuela
Photo Credit: Canva Images // Ryan Valenzuela

MONTANA'S crown jewel

Billings is the crown jewel of Montana's urban scene! The largest city in the state, a 2022 World Population survey reports Billings is home to 119,706 residents. Helena, the state's capital, has somewhere around 75,000 residents, making the municipality Montana's second most populated city.

A culture with a storied history that's steeped in tradition, iExplore shares:

Ranchers, cowboys, and horses play a big role in Montana's culture, as does its rich Native American past [that's] been enjoying a revival in recent years.

Wild and free, Montana still embodies the spirit of the pioneers. From its rich mining and ranching history, to its vast outdoor playground that's peppered with adventure and cowboys, 'Big Sky Country' has something for everyone.

If the state's preference for independence intimidates you, iExplore assures folks that Montana natives are terrific hosts! They love sharing their state's wonder and beauty.

FAST facts

Photo Credit: Canva Images // Ryan Valenzuela
Photo Credit: Canva Images // Ryan Valenzuela
  • NICKNAMES: 'Big Sky Country' & 'The Treasure State'
  • STATEHOOD: 41st state as of 1889
  • STATE BIRD: western meadowlark 
  • MEANING: the state's name is Spanish for 'mountainous'
  • WILDLIFE: grizzly & black bears, bighorn sheep, bison, bald eagles, etc.
  • RESOURCES: petroleum & talc
  • FAMOUS FOODS: Cream of the West oatmeal
  • FAMOUS RESIDENT: Evel Knievel
  • HOME OF: Yellowstone National Park, the world's first national park

Keep scrolling for a gallery of Montana's most wild and crazy laws!

16 of Montana's Wild & Crazy Laws 😍

✔️ FYI: 'Big Sky Country' is big on crazy!

🤠 Surprised? So were we. After all, who expects a state with famously conservative politics and traditional values to have such colorful, crazy-@$$ laws?

💗 PS, it bears repeating that Idaho loves Montana! The Gem State's neighbors to the southwest mirror our own penchant for bizarre laws and quirky customs!

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