Should a mom in Spring, Texas have been kicked out of a restaurant for changing her baby's diaper at the table?

Speak up moms, speak up.

Okay, maybe changing the diaper right there at the table wasn't the best idea, but most of us moms may admit to a quick pit stop in a less-than-ideal spot because diapers don't wait and sometimes you just want to get it done as quickly as possible.

This mom had two other kids with her and didn't want to gather everybody up to go change the infant in her minivan in the parking lot, or in the restaurant's bathroom.  So she changed the diaper on a changing pad at the table, and then others at the restaurant started to complain and the workers prepared her pizza to go and sent her on her way.

I empathize with both sides.  As a mom of three, I've changed diapers in some pretty public places out of convenience and sometimes necessity.  As a restaurant patron, I get that nobody wants to smell a dirty diaper while they're trying to savor a big fat slice of pizza.  What would you do?