Ok so you missed out on Garth Brooks tickets or maybe you have friends who want to go, well here is your chance to win Garth Brooks tickets for his show in Boise.

We are going to have some fun so get ready. Did you see the 'tickle for tickets' part? There are shows both on Friday the 19th and Saturday the 20th at Albertsons Stadium.

Let me explain how we will get people qualified. Monday the 15th we will get qualifiers two ways, one chance to qualify on Facebook and one chance on air with Billy and Charene. All morning long Monday we will be getting multiple qualifiers by just simply telling you to call now to get qualified (208-376-5106), that will be that simple. We are on from 5:35 am to 10 am so that will be the time to listen  on air to get qualified. Now say you can't listen or you are out of town, don't worry we will have a chance for you to tag your concert buddy for a chance to get qualified. That will be on the MIX 106 Facebook all day ( July 15th). So tell your friends and get ready to tickle for tickets.

Now if you get qualified that is where the fun comes in. The qualifiers will have a task at hand, we will go into a grocery store and they will proceed to get someone to let them tickle their foot and whoever gets to tickle someone's foot the longest WINS! Tickle for Garth Brooks tickets. 





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