Dear Mike and Nicole,

My sister and I are extremely close. We are only 14 months apart, so we have been like twins most of our lives. We've shared clothes, secrets, and for a brief moment in time in college, we dated the same guy (at different times).

She recently moved from Boise to Salt Lake and we haven't seen each other as often as we used to. We have been talking a little less on the phone since both becoming busy with new jobs and new homes.

I found out on Facebook with the rest of the world that she is pregnant and expecting her first baby in March. I'm completely devastated. How is it ok for me to find out at the same time as her pilates instructor that she just met last month? I "liked" the post but I haven't called her yet because I'm afraid of what might come out of my mouth. How can I let her know how hurt I am without destroying our relationship? Am I wrong for being so upset about Facebook being the way I find out about my first niece or nephew?

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