Dear Mike and Nicole,

We did a gift exchange at a company lunch last week. And the girl who drew my name is someone that I haven't exactly been on the best terms with over the last few years. She is very competitive with me and seems to do everything she can to make things look like they are my fault. So, we are all opening our presents in front of one another and I open mine from her. It is a t-shirt from the movie, "Frozen." Now, my name is Anna, which I guess is similar to AHN-NAH, from the movie. I am also a large woman.

Well, the shirt has the scene from the movie where Anna and the Prince she's in love with sing the line "We finish each other's...sandwiches." Getting a bigger girl a shirt like this to open in front of her co-workers seems completely rude to me. Not to mention, the shirt was a size XXXL, which is even way too big for me. I was mortified and scanned the room to see a few people snickering.

The girl who got me the shirt was trying to look all sweet and innocent. She had a face on like she was simply seeking my approval. I said "it was so fun" and "that it was my favorite movie." I didn't want to let on as to how much it really upset me. After the party I went to a good friend in the office to vent about what this other girl had done to me. She seemed genuinely surprised that I thought it was done to be mean. I don't see it any other way! Am I crazy? And if I'm not, do I just take this, or is there something I should do?

Yours truly,

Someone who is not able to let it Goooooooo Let it Gooooooo

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