Dear Mike and Nicole,

I have been divorced and single for about 2 years and decided to try my hand at online dating. I was talking to a guy for about two weeks before we decided to meet up for dinner. We met at the Matador at the Village on Friday night.

Things started out pretty great. He was attractive and well dressed, clean shaven, and smelled nice. We were finally seated and after about 10 minutes of chatting my nerves seemed to die down. He made me feel comfortable and we had a lot in common. We actually even have a couple mutual friends!

After we ate our meals, he got up to go to the bathroom. He left his phone on the table, so obviously, I looked at it. The first screen that popped up was text messages between he and a guy. I saw him texting when we were waiting to be seated and then once we sat down before he put it aside. He told his friend that I wasn't "completely bad" and made a few comments about my appearance. He said that I wore too much makeup and that my shirt was too tight for my body. He told him he would "see where the night went". I'm sure he could feel how cold I was when he got back from the bathroom, but I was so disgusted and couldn't even finish my dinner. He asked me if I wanted to get dessert or go somewhere else for a drink and I said I had to get home.

He's texted me a couple of times this weekend and I texted back quick replies. I liked him before I saw what he wrote but now I can't get it out of my head. Should I tell him that I saw what he said about me or just ignore him?