Dear Mike and Nicole,

My husband and I have been having some problems the past several months. I used to get frustrated and angry with him so easily. It just felt like we had gotten off track and the spark was gone. Right before Christmas, I started an affair with my boss. It wasn't planned, it just happened. I know it's wrong, but the affair has made my relationship with my husband so much better. He still doesn't know about it, but we are actually talking again like real people. Our love life has even improved. Everything at the moment feels great! My best friend says I should stop seeing my boss. Why would I? I got a raise and my home life is fantastic. I'm communicating with my husband and feel like we're best friends again. I know morally it's not right...but if I end it with my boss, I'm worried about us going back down the old path. What should I do?

Have you or someone you know been in this situation before?

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