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If we've gleaned anything from the darkest recesses of the world wide web, it's that trolls are gonna troll.

Day or night, in sickness and in health, internet trolls are at the ready to dispense baseless advice on matters they know little or nothing of.

That's exactly what happened in the NEWSBREAK comments section on Tuesday, Jan. 17 when not one, but two, jackasses victim-blamed a local boy who was struck and killed by a pickup truck.

INSENSITIVE comment #1


Riding on an extremely busy road when it was dark, super not smart. No wonder charges haven’t been filed, driver wasn’t at fault . How sad and it didn’t need to happen.

-Newsbreak User




He wasn’t in a cross walk that I heard, it’s not an excuse, it’s called an accident. Was that kid wearing anything reflective? Still stupid to be on the road at night. I would never let my kid out on the main road, because I never want to experience what this mom is going through.

-Same Newsbreak User


Thanks, Caption Obvious. What would the Treasure Valley community have done without your sharp analysis? It's always helpful to know a superior parent's hypothetical thoughts on how they would've steered their perfect child clear of a devastating, unpredictable accident. Nice job.

And we can't even imagine how your opinion of Drayko's "super not smart" choice to enjoy a ride on his scooter will resonate with his heartbroken mother. On second thought, we can imagine it. But we're choosing the high road on this one.


Meridian, Idaho. On Monday, Jan. 9, 10-year-old Drayko Gaudlip was struck and killed by a pickup truck.

The Meridian Police Department reports the young boy had been riding his scooter that evening when the accident occurred at the intersection of Locust Grove and East Chateau Drive.

For credible information and comments from Drayko's mother, click here.

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