There is NO EXCUSE ever for a man to put his hands on a woman in any sort of aggressive way. Especially a young girl like what happened in Meridian this past weekend. Hearing from KBOI that 25-year-old Trey Bryant Lacer of Meridian is now in Ada County Jail facing a felony for injury to a child after the altercation.

Sunday evening Meridian Police were contacted by a witness who saw Trey Lacer grab the young girl with a c-clamp grip around her throat at home which is on the 600 block of West Idaho. The person who contacted the Meridian Police Department is not the only witness to the crime, in face there were several witnesses.

Lacer is a roommate in the home along with the victim, her parents and two other adults. The Ada County Jail roster says his current bail is set at $150,000. I will never understand why a grown man would think it's okay to use violence on a young woman, or any woman.

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