Manicures get a bad rep among a lot of guys, despite "MAN" being in the name! I have to admit for years I felt the same way and was totally uncomfortable with the thought of “getting my nails done.” But let me tell you why I changed my mind.

It kind of started by accident, but I agreed to go with my fiancé to get her nails done because she was having a really bad day and I wanted to cheer her up. Turns out, I was the one that enjoyed it the most. First, I wasn’t the only guy in the nail place and that was comforting for sure. They offered to give me one since I was already sitting next to her and I obliged. It turns out, the actual manicure was cool too! They did the trimming and filing and pushed back the cuticle which I didn’t even know was a thing… I didn’t get any clear polish even though they did ask, but you do you. The hands down (get it) best part was that they do a hand massage at the end that feels amazing.

Afterwards, I felt all cleaned up and was surprised at how long the effects lasted. I realized I don’t get those annoying hangnails anymore and I don’t have jagged nails that snag on things when I’m trying to get stuff done. I haven’t gone back in a while because of COVID and all, but I look forward to celebrating the end of quarantine with a little self-care and a MANicure.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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