It all started as soon as I was able to play make believe with my sister. Since she's older, she would dictate how these play pretend sessions would go, and I always had to play the guy so she could be the beautiful girl. I would argue, but to no avail. Either I played the dude or we wouldn't play at all. I learned to embrace it because nothing was more fun than playing pretend with my sister.

It carried over into singing duets as well. "A Whole New World," I was Aladdin. Beast's part in "Something There" from Beauty & The Beast was mine to belt. As we got older there was no question. If a song had a male feature in it, that's the part I sang. "All I Have," by Jlo and LL Cool J is a personal favorite.

Somewhere along the line I began dressing in drag and developing my alter ego, Angelo. A ladies man but always a gentleman, Angelo is smooth talking, chill, and confident--things I struggle with as Angie. He doesn't appear often, but when he does, he's beloved by all who experience him. And next week he will make his first appearance in Boise on Thursday the 29th during Halloween week.

I'm excited to finally express this side of myself here. I've often questioned what it even means that I have a desire to transform myself into what I consider the male version of myself, but what does it matter? It makes me happy. And in this crazy year I'll take all the happy I can get.


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