A 15 year old girl,  Aviana Smith, was crowned champion of the inaugural state championship pinball tournament. Her win surprised a lot of people!

She played for more than five hours in the tournament and beat everyone…badly too. This girl is good!

She gets a lot of practice in though. Her family plays several hours at a time a couple of days a week at Grinkers Grand Palace, where they had the competition, and at home, her family has practically a whole arcade. They have 11 games in two rooms and the garage!

Her dad passed down his love for the games and she finally got good enough to beat him for the first time last year!

Aviana and her family will head to Dallas for the National Pinball Championship in a few weeks to see how she stacks up next to the best in the country.

The Treasure Valley Pinball Club holds monthly tournaments. Find out more HERE!

It takes a lot of passion and dedication to play and compete for that

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