I love when good people catch breaks. When someone who has been going through a hard time is shown kindness and generosity by a complete stranger.

Check out this local story of "People Behaving Great".

Monday nights at Rockies Diner is "kids eat free night". Sapphire the Clown has been doing her thing for 20 years! She shows up for some fun entertainment for the kids and families on Monday nights, making balloon animals and putting smiles (and fear) on a lot of people’s faces. She does it just for fun and usually makes about $20 in tips, but this week, someone left her a $1,950 tip! She was shocked but so grateful.

She told KTVB she's going to use the money to go see her sick mom in Kansas and go to a clown convention.

Have you ever had something like this happen to you? I have a friend that's a waitress for a sports bar where I used to live and she was tipped $1000 for a party of six. The family told her that they had just won a few thousand dollars from the lottery and wanted to share it with regular people that they felt deserved it. The even cooler part? She was about $900 away from paying off her car, so she paid off her car and then had some money left over to pamper herself. So awesome!

See the full, heartwarming story from KTVB HERE!




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