The year was 1982 for Linda Wieme.  It was the year she posed for Playboy and was Ms. April for that year.   Find out what that was like and what was Hugh Hefner really like here.    Linda shares her memory of Playboy's founder Hugh Hefner by describing the Hef that the public didn't know.  "He was a gentleman, an extreme gentlemen," she said.  While most members of the public viewed Hefner as the ultimate 'Playboy' who took nude photos, Linda explains the real Hugh.  "People don't realize he was a romantic.  It wasn't just about girly pictures.  It was about the whole feel, he was a feminist before it was popular, he cared about the girls."

Wieme continues to describe the inner world being a Playmate. "It was magical, amazing, I grew up a lot, I felt protected," she explains.  What about life in the infamous Playboy Mansion?  What really went on?  Linda smiles as she recalls, "They took care of you so nice, the butlers were my friends."

The world was very different in 1983 than 2017.  Wieme says not everyone was a fan of her work, except for Hef.  "Back then, in my little hometown, it was basically shock, I was not voluptuous, I was a cowgirl.  I wasn't the type of girl, but that was the point, Playboy was the girl next door."

Linda smiles as she remembers her life changing world with Hugh Hefner.  "It was awesome and life changing, taking a little girl from the country and making all of my dreams come true."

Words that resonate today, just as they did in 1982 for Linda Wieme.

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