Seeing live music being performed by the artist that created it can be one of the most fun experiences ever, especially if you love live music. And we have one of the best of all time coming to Boise next weekend, Garth Brooks.

We all know that he has a sold out show on Friday night with a special appearance with Blake Shelton, and he also sold out the Saturday night show too. If you search around online you can find people selling tickets, but Garth and his team work hard to shut down second hand ticket sales to his shows.

I was talking to a friend recently who wanted to check out the show but was just too broke to buy tickets. We all have been in that situation but it made me think where the best place to hear the concert would be without actually buying a ticket.

I told my friend my suggestion would be over at the new Broadway Albertsons location at 'Broadway on the Rocks'. It is the bar upstairs and you would be able to hear the concert while enjoying a delicious and well priced adult beverage. Where else would you suggest to go close to Albertsons Stadium to hear the show if you don't have a ticket?

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