It's not like we didn't see this coming. The coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in our daily lives. Normalcy is kind of hard to find right now. It feels like one step forward takes us back weeks later.

Garth Brooks announced virtual shows across the country on June 27 with Boise State University as one. I attended his show last Summer and it was just unreal. I grew up with Garth and to see a kick-off that also included Blake Shelton was amazing.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus isn't helping our cause to get back out as we're moving backward. Ada County has been mandated to move back to stage 3 after several cases in the city. BSU decided to cancel this event because safety was just too important for the university. This is a Saturday night event and closure lasts till Sunday. That sucks!

Just keep an eye on things like this because I have a feeling it's not the last. Can you see Garth Brooks in this special performance anywhere else? Yes, Terrace Drive-in, Parma Motor Vu Drive-in, and a special on Netflix. I'm not sure if you saw his big special he did but you can watch it all on Netflix right now. If you want to drive up to see this show you need to follow the link to purchase your tickets. If you have questions about getting a refund, click here.

Oh, those tickets for the shows in the car are coming in at $100. That's no typo. Let me spell that out, one-hundred dollars.


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