This past year has taught me a lot about growing up and taking advantage of the opportunities that are in front of us. The biggest hurdle of the past year was my father passing away. I'm still sad about it happening, but it also made me realize that we will all die one day, so to live life to it's fullest until that day comes.

Last week my wife Savannah send me this list and after reading through the list of 30 things people regret the most when they're older I wanted to pass it along to you. This list reminds me to not hesitate or wait for anything to happen in life, if you want something make it happen.

Here is the list according to on the 30 things people regret most often when they're older.

  • Less traveled
  • Never learned another language
  • Relationship regrets
  • Allowing fear to stop you from trying something
  • Overlooking your health
  • Stay in a toxic or stagnant job
  • Education
  • Were unhappy with yourself
  • Said "I love you" too rarely
  • Didn't listen to advice from parents
  • Were self-absorbed
  • Supported others while neglecting themselves
  • Took too long to move on from past failures
  • Held a grudge
  • Didn't stand up for themselves
  • Lack of volunteering (in the community)
  • Never found out your history through grandparents
  • Was a workaholic
  • Failed to stop and smell the roses
  • Never finished what you started
  • Got involved in the wrong group of friends
  • Parenting guilt
  • Cared too much about what others thought
  • Spent too much time on phones or computers
  • Took people for granted
  • Didn't trust gut instincts
  • Put off seeing their favorite band on tour
  • Didn't follow their passion
  • Lack of courage to get up and talk at a funeral, wedding or other important event
  • Didn't make time to visit a dying friend before they died or got too ill.

Just like I have been told many times in my life, don't try to accomplish everything at once. Pick one or two items off this list that really resonate with you and work on those items. And as you see improvement move to others you want to work on. In life, you want to always be improving. Remember no one is perfect, but we can always strive to do better and be better.

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