You may remember, Lights & Lasers at Shashone Falls was cancelled earlier this spring due to COVID-19. However it’s coming back this September! The annual event that is hosted by Visit Southern Idaho has been rescheduled for September 24-27th. The lasers will be projected each night at 8:30 with the event running from 6-9pm. You can purchase tickets on Visit Southern Idaho's website. There is one major change though. The show usually takes place at Shoshone Falls, however for 2020 the show will be at Canyon Springs Golf Course in the waters of Perrine Coulee. Visit Southern Idaho posted on their Facebook: “Watch the plunging waters of Perrine Coulee and canyon illuminate after dark with the shimmering power of hundreds of lasers!
This year’s festival will be in a different part of the canyon, but masterly crafted to celebrate the Snake River and her magnificent beauty.“

The details of the show are still being developed. Melissa Barry, the executive director for Southern Idaho Tourism told KMVT, “We want to make sure it’s really exciting, about the Snake River and the Magic Valley just trying to get everybody here to have some history, some fun, and especially excitement. We have some really great visuals, cold spark fireworks. We are going to have some dancers that are glow in the dark, do some different features, and there will be lots of things involved, but for the most part it will be centered on the Magic Valley.”

Tickets are $12 for general admission and $7 for children 12 and under. Children 5 and under are free. There are also VIP packages available for purchase.

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