At the risk of being overly colloquial, YAAAASSSS, henny! More festivals are popping up and I couldn't be more thrilled. Jack's Urban Meeting Place (JUMP) has held steadfast in sparking joy no matter what the circumstance. Pandemic be damned, they've found ways to keep the public in good spirits. And this time they're giving us Illumibrate a Light and Color Festival.

Their mission is "creating an environment for inspiring human potential." And this festival is a "family-friendly event. An awe-inspiring evening of color, lights, and community engagement" that will take place on June 5th as a kick off to a whole month of Illumibrate. And in the spirit of community engagement, JUMP is searching for artists to showcase their talents for a portion of the evening.

Basically it's a talent show that isn't riddled with petty competitiveness. Just a chance for the talented people of the Treasure Valley to shine and inspire. As such, there is no monetary compensation for performances. Just positive vibes, which these days is more valuable than ever. To be considered you just have to submit a short video or description of your talent to be reviewed ( Or even simpler, slide into JUMPBoise's DMs on their socials by May 17th. So get to recording those talents ASAP or use those creative writing skills to craft a worthy description of your talent.

By the way, there's no talent too strange or obscure. It just can't be political, religious, or offensive. So don't submit yourself giving an F-bomb laced Gettysburg Address dressed as the pope and you're golden.

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