I am such a big fan of Idaho Fish and Game and learning about all the things they do to help this great state. It's not just fishing and hunting, but this time we were on hand to help and learn about something that has to do with fish.

There is no denying that the habitat and vast fish populations of different species in this state is special, and it's ultra-important whether you fish or not to protect and ensure that. Idaho Fish and Game takes this very seriously and I was onsite first hand to witness the spawning of Chinook Salmon. This plays such a key role in managing the population and sustaining them as well. They are trying to increase return numbers and natural spawn as well, but there is a major need for hatchery fish with a decreased number of returns. These fish travel so far to get here, it really is remarkable and something unique.

We were on-site for one of the August spawning days for the McCall Fish Hatchery. Summer Chinook Salmon is the main species produced at this hatchery. I know it sounds cliche but the circle of life is very important involving the ecosystem, if you take one thing out of the circle then other things suffer. That is a risk that Idaho as a state does not want to take so Idaho Fish and Game take part in many projects to manage, and maintain the ecosystem and environment. You can watch this and find out more.

They take ultimate care in making sure the females are ready, the eggs aren’t contaminated and they are protected by an egg walker before being fertilized by the males which is by far the toughest job, I was having a rough time with it.

This plays such a key role in managing the population and increasing return numbers if done right. From sample gathering and genetics testing, there is a lot to know about how fish hatcheries work and the role they play in this amazing state. Thank you to Ian from Idaho Fish and Game, Jamie with the Mccall Fish Hatchery, John with the Nez Perce Tribe, Ken The fish biologist and our helper Joey who is now an employee after volunteering for years lt, so cool to see her enthusiasm.

Idaho Fish and Game keeps the number of returns at the hatcheries here.



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