Spring is here, more and more people are becoming vaccinated and it's starting to feel like we can get out and smell the roses again, starting with First Thursday!

With a high of 73 planned for April Fool's Day, which also happens to be the first Thursday of the month, it's time to get outside and enjoy it! First Thursday kicks April off with live music, art, shopping and dining in a way that can only be experienced in beautiful Downtown Boise.

According to the official First Thursday event page on Facebook:

"Be Downtown Boise the First Thursday of each month to experience art, shopping, dining and entertainment in a special and unique way you’ll only find Downtown. Our local merchants plan exciting, engaging in-store events including food and beverage tastings, local art exhibits and trunk shows. Stop into your favorite establishment or check out someplace new!"

For Thursday April 1st, get ready for a live performance from The Chuckwagons!

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I'm not particularly a country fan but at this point, the sound of a live band echoing off the buildings of Downtown Boise is too tempting to sit this one out. And on top of it, vendors so I can shop and eat as I walk my way through Downtown? It seems like it would have felt so simple just a year ago but now it's something I'm finding myself craving, and this is the perfect excuse to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. So, see ya at First Thursday!

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