Boise has been known to host some pretty awesome concerts over the years. A lot of us like to collect our ticket stubs, tour t-shirts (even if they're $60 a pop), or if we're lucky enough, a guitar pick thrown from the stage.

We found an archive of concerts by location and were blown away by how many huge names have performed in Boise. While there are quite a few, we picked some of our favorites from 1964 to 1988. We were absolutely mind-blown to find out that one of these legendary artists performed in a high school auditorium.

58 Years Ago, One of the Most Iconic Bands Performed in Boise

Boise has played host to tons of concerts over the years and we can't believe that these seven artists performed in the Treasure Valley.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Major Concerts Coming to the Boise Area in 2022

In 2021, we slowly saw the return of live music to the Treasure Valley. 2022 promises to be even bigger. Click the link of each act to be taken to the venue's website for more information about times and tickets.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

A Look Back at 23 Years of Western Idaho Fair Concerts

The Western Idaho Fair isn't just a destination for fair food and rides! They also have some sweet concerts year in and year out!

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

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