The Boise State Broncos had a chance at their former favorite Quarterback, Kellen Moore. It even looked like he accepted the vacant head coaching job at BSU. The buzz was hot until Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones talked to him.

The Broncos hired former player, Andy Avalos from Oregon and that's the end of that (everyone super excited about that hire). The chances of ever getting Kellen back might have just gone out the window thanks to the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles went from Superbowl Champions in 2017 to only winning 4 games this year. That place is falling apart and here comes Kellen Moore. The rumor mill is hot on this one because it could take Kellen from Offensive Coordinator in Dallas to the head coaching position in Philly. That means we'll never see Kellen in Boise unless is visiting. This guy went from the practice squad to the top in minutes.

The Eagles are asking to speak with Kellen which could put him in Philly tonight. That's how fast this will move and his bank account will feel like winning that Powerball. This is great for Kellen and everyone is cheering for him. The Bronco Nation loves that guy and the memories are endless for his time on the blue turf in Boise.

This could also turn up the heat and buzz on the Broncos. We turn out superstars and now head coaches in the National Football League. I will keep an eye but how exciting for Moore and his fans. This news is being reported by, KTVB and the list goes on. This is close.

Good luck in Philly if they hire you, those fans don't play!

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