The stress of keeping of with your neighbors is REAL. All the sudden, everyone's lawns are perfectly manicured it seems and I'm struggling!

At 33, I've definitely got the old man bug about my yard. I HATE when people walk on my lawn, especially when I've got it all perfectly mowed and manicured. Some giant neighborhood dog has pooped on my front lawn more than once and it INFURIATES me. I've got two small dogs and I know it's not them.

I just moved into this house in January and so far my grass is not pretty and green like everyone else's in the neighborhood and I can't figure out why! I hate to be the guy with the ugly lawn, and my backyard is struggling even more right now. To add to it, I'm on a corner lot so everyone SEES my yard!

Curious if we have any treasure valley amateur lawn heroes, and what you're doing to make it look beautiful cause I need to catch up!

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