California really is a wonderful place and something that may interest you is the channel islands, where you can kayak, hike, snorkel, boat tour caves and more.

Now the Channel Islands actually stretching for a long distance and are spread out. One of the famous Channel Islands is Catalina Island. On my trip recently I went to Santa Cruz Island which is north of Catalina, you leave from the Ventura/Oxnard. It's the largest island and is known for its vast sea caves. I went with a company called Santa Barbara Adventures, and the only company that ferries to the islands, 'Island Packers'.

Santa Cruz is full of birds and fish along with the island fox, who’s so adorable and the island is full of them! Saw tons of Garibaldi, a giant black sea bass, sculpins, starfish, dolphins and seals and more fish!!! The ferry ride about killed me with my motion sickness but in the end it was worth it. I definitely want to go back cause I was way under prepared. You can even overnight camp and then take adventures the next day. People bring coolers and all kinds of goodies.

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