It feels like forever since we got to really talk about Joe Exotic. That has to be one of the most polarizing shows we've come across since Netflix's "Making a Murderer".

Well, here we are in August under mask frenzy and nothing really capturing our minds on any one of the networks. That's until they release the new miniseries surrounding our favorite zoomania, Joe Exotic. The miniseries was announced and now it's confirmed with 3 networks that will show it.

Here's what we know already. SNL's funny woman Kate McKinnon will be playing Carole Baskin which is Joe Exotics #1 target in the original Netflix show. Kate was also announced to be an Executive Producer on the new miniseries.

They just announced that NBC, Peacock, and USA will be showing the new miniseries so we do have the networks involved. It's now that the real fun begins. Who will play the other cast of characters? I was looking at Eonline and they have some inside information on who we might expect.

Joe Exotic could be played by Dax Shepard, Ben Stiller, Michael Keaton, and my favorite dude, Nicolas Cage. I think finding the place to show was a #1 priority and now that it's done we may see shooting dates. I would expect soon than later considering that buzz will disappear. We know that Joe is currently in prison and the rest continues to unfold.

I think Kate McKinnon and Nicolas Cage will be awesome headliners. I do love Dax though!


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