Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

I still remember driving in from Spokane, Washington on a Wednesday night meeting our team at Humpin Hannah's. This was ladies' night and it was packed. That was 13 years ago and it's like the place hasn't aged.

The pandemic is what has given this heritage bar a new look. Rocci Johnson is one of the owners and a great friend to everyone who visits in Idaho. If it's your birthday plan on bringing your girls to go on stage and celebrate. That looks different now.

COVID-19 has given everything a new look and closed down most bars. They opened for a few days before getting shut down again like so many due to rising virus numbers. Rocci Johnson has just been approved for a license to sell food and they opened selling pizza. Make no mistake, you won't get the same crazy Humpin Hannah's experience. There is only one Rocci on that stage, but in the meantime, you do have the opportunity to get out socially at Humpin Hannah's.

You can enjoy pizza, drinks, music and they stay open till 2 a.m. Masks are required and they will be socially distancing in the bar. You can stand in line around 100 other people and capacity is cut in half. All that said you can go in support of our local businesses, have a beer, and grab a slice.


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