I have one month to plan the perfect anniversary for my husband. I appreciate him every year, but this year especially I am more grateful for him than I can properly express. Taking care of our kids on his own and settling all our affairs back in Vegas for the last couple months hasn't been an easy task. And now he's getting ready to pack up our lives and make the move out here next week.

Before the pandemic hit, the plan was to go to Philadelphia and watch the Eagles play while the kids stayed home with Grandma. Now that the season is very clearly not going to be a real thing and we are living in a new town without family to provide childcare, I need to make some adjustments.

So far I know I'm putting the kids to bed early and stocking up on Bud Light (he likes what he likes). Definitely ordering in dinner from Mai Thai and throwing on a favorite movie. But what else can I add to this night? What do you do for date night when you have to be home because kids? Guess I'll start looking into riding mowers, his dream purchase. If you have one you're selling, let me know.


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