Add Jimmy Kimmel to the list of stars making big Idaho purchases as he just scooped up a lodge right here in Idaho.

Jimmy Kimmel and fly fishing guru Oliver White have gone in on the purchase of the South Fork lodge, near the Swan Valley on the Eastern side of Idaho, according to A glance through Jimmy Kimmel's Instagram page shows that he's had quite a few instances of fly fishing along the snake river over the last couple of years and clearly has enjoyed it enough to want to go in on a big Idaho purchase. Also according to the, "The lodge is situated on a stunning bend in the South Fork of the Snake River just off U.S. Highway 26."

Jimmy Kimmel famously grew up in Las Vegas and idolized David Letterman before he began a career in radio where he worked at The World Famous KROQ in Los Angeles, and then starred on Comedy Central's "The Man Show" before landing Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC where he's been for several years. Apparently in his free time, between hosting his nightly television show and other award shows, he does a little fly-fishing and likes to share photos on his Instagram page.


Idaho has become quite the vacation home spot for famous stars like Bruce Willis and others, as well as being the home for native Aaron Paul. So welcome, new neighbor, Mr. Kimmel. Enjoy the weather, the friendly people and all the beauty Idaho has to offer.

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