If you've ever tried the adult beverage Jagermeister, it is a flavor that sticks with you long after you drink it. Very similar to that flavor of black licorice. Well, now the geniuses behind the devilish drink have decided we should now have an option for drinking Jager in the morning as they have created a new spiked cold brew coffee made with 33% alcohol according to insider.com.

Personally, if I woke up and drank Jager to start my day I would probably need a nap before noon. But the creators of Jager believe this new drink will give you a boost of energy with each sip, no energy drink needed like in a Jagerbomb.

The same flavors you expect with Jagermeister will be combined with an intense rich Arabica coffee and cacao. While I've never heard of it, I guess Jager fans have been mixing the alcohol with their coffee and that's why the company decided to give this new beverage a try.

You will see the new drink hit shelves in January of 2020. A fifth of it will set you back $24.99 or $32.99 for a 1-liter bottle. Will you try it?

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