In some truly shocking news, the Idaho Transportation Department has been reporting multiple accidents and snowplow collisions, including 2 separate accidents that happened on I-84 in the same day, Wednesday, January 17th, 2024. Many Idahoans are wondering how is this even possible?

So, how many snowplow accidents have there been so far in 2024?

According to the most recent Facebook post from the Idaho Transportation Department, there have been 8 snowplow collisions.

ITD says, "Deja vu? Yeah, kind of. No, these are not the same pictures we shared this morning. It is the second snowplow strike on I-84 TODAY, involving a semi-truck rear-ending the back of a snowplow. This marks the eighth snowplow strike of the season."

Fortunately, no injuries were reported in this latest collision, but it further underscores the risks faced by snowplow operators during their essential work.

The unfortunate event leaves the department without another snowplow for the next 1-2 weeks, adding strain to ongoing snow-clearing efforts. The consecutive incidents highlight the urgency of the department's repeated calls for snowplow safety. The Idaho Transportation Department emphasized, "Tired of hearing our constant reminders of snowplow safety? This is exactly why we emphasize it. Remember, there's a person working in that snowplow. Drive with caution."

These accidents have been mostly on I-84 between Boise and Twin Falls. As the Treasure Valley braces for continued snowfall, the Idaho Transportation Department's plea to "Watch for Snowplows!" serves as a crucial reminder for all drivers to prioritize safety and share the roads responsibly during winter weather.

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