A touching story this morning that reminds us of the power of kindness; A local business in Kuna, saved 8 helpless, abandoned puppies found on the side of the road.

Ultimate Heating & Air on Facebook
Ultimate Heating & Air on Facebook

The business is Ultimate Heating & Air, and one of their employees found the puppies this morning and brought them to safety, highlighting the need for compassion towards animals in our community.

Ultimate Heating & Air promptly posted to Facebook: "One of our technicians found 8 abandoned puppies on the side of the road this morning. We currently have them at our shop in kuna. Please share this! We need to find them homes ASAP!"

Approximately one hour later, they made an update to their post, saying: "UPDATE- Puppies will be taken to the Humane Society for treatment and care." However, it has been reported these puppies never went to the Idaho Humane Society, so all we can do is hope they made it to a proper place for care.

Notice from the Idaho Humane Society: Kuna City Ordinance states that all stray animals are required to come directly into the Idaho Humane Society.

Ordinance 10-3-11 states, "It shall be unlawful for any person to take into their possession a stray animal without notifying the animal control agency at once. The animal shall be released to the animal control agency or an animal control officer upon demand by that agency's representative without charge."

Being cruel to animals is never okay, and for some reason, this is proving to be a prevalent issue in this area. Leaving these little puppies alone on the side of the road is devastating and cruel, and we're so grateful they were found by someone and brought in to safety. That said, if you know who was responsible for this, please report them immediately.

Ultimate Heating & Air
Ultimate Heating & Air on Facebook

This situation also shows how important it is to support our local animal shelters and groups. While this business did a wonderful thing by saving the puppies, our whole community needs to step up.

As the puppies start their journey to recovery, and hopefully finding their forever families, let's remember that we can all make a difference by being kind to animals and supporting our local shelters. Together, we can make sure that stories like this one become rare, and more animals find loving homes.

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